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Our dry dog and cat food are made using the extrusion technology, which results in safe, tasty and easy to digest kibbles. Our dry food meet all the requirements of retailers and customers, irrespective of whether they are used to feed small dogs, large or even giant dogs, not only in terms of their composition but also in terms of packaging. Our kibbles can be made coloured for a more lively appearance or free of colouring, in a number of visual shapes and sizes, as the customer requires. Following market trends, our products can also be made without artificial flavours and preservatives.

Dry dog food have a number of advantages: they are easy to dispense and keep for a long time, which are important convenience considerations making these products popular with pet parents. They are 100% complete food, and their texture also helps with maintaining gum and teeth in a healthy condition.

One of Partner in Pet Food’s successful innovations is the dry food made with the addition of fresh meat. This is resulting in highly palatable products perceived as more natural by Pet parents.

Dry dog and cat food are an essential source of nutrition for pets of all ages, but animals need food with different compositions at different ages. Pets also differ in size, breed and levels of activity. We prepare various dry food in line with those differences for small and for large dogs, for sensitive dogs, for pets kept indoors and for active, outdoor animals.

Our portfolio also includes products for animals with particular needs, such as low calorie or sensitive dry food.

Our assortment meets all needs as regards pricing, too, from the superpremium to the economy category.


The nutritional needs of adult animals differ both from those of young animals and those of old pets. The composition of our standard dry dog and cat food meets those needs. Partner in Pet Food offers a wide range of pet food made for adult animals from economy food to the premium category, in a number of flavours and packaging sizes. In the case of dry dog food, our product range is complete by the addition of varieties optimized for various body sizes.



A significant proportion of Europe’s cat population is neutered, so demand for special food developed for them is on the rise. Neutered cats need different nutrition, so the portfolio of Partner in Pet Food also contains those special food in a number of package sizes and flavours.

After neutering, the metabolism of animals slows down, and they become less active. Sterile cats often grow obese and are more prone to urinary tract problems. Our special food developed for neutered cats contribute to reducing those risks. Our products are available from the mainstream to the premium segment, in a variety of flavour combinations, or even in natural versions free of added preservatives, sugar and colouring.

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Partner in Pet Food’s mainstream and premium category indoor food are specifically made for animals kept indoors and available in packages from a few hundred grams to several kilos.

Key issues with Indoor animals is that they are less active and they can’t benefit from the benefits of being outside. They then have a tendency to gain too much weight and to have issues with hair balls.

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Puppies and kittens need different nutrition than adult animals, so we make special products for parents of young pets, and we maintain a wide product assortment. Junior dog food provide all the nutrients that young pets need, and so this food is typically high in energy.

Our junior products are also made in several types of packaging, and are made either using traditional dry extrusion process or the one with Fresh meat injections. This food is available for cats and dogs of various sizes.

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For the parents of old dogs, our lower-energy senior dog food represent an ideal choice, as they are adapted to their tendency to gain weight due to lower activity levels, or at a later stages, are higher in energy when the animal is showing difficulties to eat.

Senior dog food can be served to dogs aged seven and above, and we tailor the composition of our products for dog. Products in this range are also simple to serve and keep for a long time.

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It is more difficult to meet the nutritional needs of pets with particular dietary requirements, so owners must seek out diets specifically tailored to their pets’ digestion, intolerances and particular nutritional needs.

Partner in Pet Food’s range contains a number of diets for both dogs and cats that are developed for animals with particular needs or which are receiving or in need of veterinary assistance.

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These tasty, soft bites are great favourites with dogs, and they combine the advantages of dry and wet food. These complete pet food bites are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for all types of dog. Take into consideration of their format they are also highly recommended for special training sessions, as they can be given as treats or rewards during teaching and practice, thereby supporting the formation of an emotional attachment between dog and parent.