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EHS Manager

The factory previously operated without a dedicated EHS Manager, following only central guidelines. The purpose of job creation is to establish a higher level of work-fire and accident prevention culture by introducing new processes and engaging employees.


·       Development of occupational safety culture in the factory

·       Observance of work, fire and accident prevention regulations, supplement of related tasks

·       Conducting EHS trainings

·       Participation in the investigation of work accidents

·       Risk analysis

·       Participation in internal and external audits, official controls, their coordination and supervision

·       Operation of the factory safety management system

·       Active participation in the weekly factory management meetings, active participation in the strategic decision-making of the factory



·       Higher professional qualification

·       Min. 2-3 years relevant experience

·       Communication level of English language (daily use with foreign factory manager)

·       Punctuality, precision, being able to monitor multiple projects at once (essential due to close deadlines and parallel projects)


Our offer:

·       Dynamic team

·       Other allowances (travel support, SZÉP card allowance, unlimited mobile phone use, notebook)




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